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A Deal Is a Deal (2008)

A Deal Is a Deal (2008)

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Country: UK
Release Date: 25 April 2008 (Ireland)
Run Time: 106 min
Rating: 6.2
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Director: Jonathan Gershfield
Stars: Mackenzie Crook, Colm Meaney, Sharon Duncan-Brewster…
Plot: A comedy about ordinary people with unique dilemmas. How far will they go? Will the cocktail of desperation, friendship, loneliness, love and even a brush with cannibalism derail their intent?

Paul is a London tube driver with dreams of a cottage in a bee-loud glade. He's told that if his train strikes and kills one more person this month, he'll get a large severance, enough for the cottage. So he offers £1500 to Tommy Cassidy, a down-and-out Irishman, if Tommy will walk in front of Paul's train come Monday. He gives Tommy the cash on Friday. Wanting to ensure that Tommy honors the deal, Paul accompanies a cleaned-up Tommy on his trip (in a new suit and a hired car) to make things right with family he hasn't seen in eight years. Can Tommy, an inveterate gambler, make anything come out right? And what about Paul - can this suicide pact fulfill his dreams?

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