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The Prophecy II (1998)

The Prophecy II (1998)

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Country: USA
Release Date: 20 January 1998 (USA)
Run Time: 87 min
Rating: 5.8
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Director: Greg Spence
Stars: Christopher Walken, Russell Wong, Jennifer Beals…
Plot: Gabriel returns to try to destroy the human race he despises so much, with the help of a suicidal teen and the opposition of the angel Danyael.

Gabriel returns to Earth to prevent the birth of a child conceived by one of his kind (the Angel Danyael) and one of God's "monkeys" (a human woman - Valerie). The coming of this child has been prophesied by a monk, Thomas. When the Angel Danyael kills members of Gabriel's army of angels, Gabriel instead employs the assistance of a teenage girl (Izzy) who has just committed suicide. Gabriel keeps her alive to assist him in his war against Danyael and the other angels which climaxes in a battle in Eden.

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